Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bigger Than The Beatles - The Chills

A comment left on the blog a while back reminded me of another band whose sales never came close to the level they should have. Built around singer and songwriter Martin Phillipps the band had a bit of a never ending revolving door as far as other members were concerned. Their first two lps passed me by although I do remember a friend of mine playing Kaleidoscope World and one track really standing out - Pink Frost about I think the death of a former band member

Apart from that track nothing really stood out for me from the lp. However when Record Mirror made the lead off single for the next lp Submarine Bells single of the week and suddenly started championing the band I thought I'd give them another go. This lp mixed spiky pop songs that galloped along with lush ballads all with a slightly quirky edge. A gorgeous lp sleeve all added to the mystery.

I've posted the track that the Record Mirror loved so much and it does exactly what it says on the tin , unfortunately apart for the hit part
Heavenly Pop Hit - The Chills

Its a heavenly pop hit if anyone wants it

The next lp Soft Bomb smoothed off some of the rough edges further but the quirky lyrics remained, the faster songs had if anything even more hooks in them and the slower ones a rich almost orchestral feel, an example of which can be heard below
Halo Fading - The Chills

Four year passed and Sunburnt came out , the formula remained the same and the quality of songs were as high as ever and in the title track one of the best things he has ever written
Sunburnt - The Chills

8 years passed an a mini lp Stand By came out with the message that it was the beginning of a new direction and a stop gap before more new releases. I bought the ep and was disappointed, I cant remember much about it except I played it a couple of times and then gave it away. Well that was 8 years ago and I don't think anything has come out since.

However the band's website has a fairly recent blog posting and a gig listing that goes up to 2010 showing pretty regular live events in Martin's native New Zealand

You can buy all their lps here , although some are going for silly money , any of the 3 here are worth exploring

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