Saturday, 28 April 2012

Gobetweens - what could have been

Big thankyou to Tim who sent me an email telling me about The Gobetween's Botany Sessions , asking if they were the holy grail , the jangly guitar version of the Smile sessions. I was ashamed to say that I'd not heard of them but it sent me sprinting the internet.

This was the sessions that would have lead to the follow up to 16 Lovers Lane (which some websites think was going to be called Freak Child -  no ls!). Why they never got finished and why the band decided to call it a day I'm not sure. Although a majority of the songs are slower and downbeat to maybe give a hint of where their minds were at

Apparently Grant always came laden down with songs whereas Robert would bring just enough to fill his part of the lp and that is the case here..

The first (and longer) part of the sessions is a solo acoustic set, with only either Forster and McLennan performing their new songs. A second set features the full band on either new songs or repeats from the first session.

A lot of the tracks ended up on solo lps and as the sessions are in the earliest of demo form don't leave much of a clue as to how any finished Gobetween's version would have differed 

I've posted 3 tracks all of which appear on later solo lps. When ever they released solo lps I'd play the what if this was a Gobetweens lp game ie taking the best 5/6 tracks from each solo and making an imaginary Gobetweens lp (I needed to get out more I know) and the solo versions of these 3 always made the cut


  1. Forgot about this...
    Listened to all of the sessions. Acoustic stuff OK but very raw. Most interesting for me was the band versions of "Stones" with unique trumpet/accordion and Amanda's BGV's; "Just Get That Straight", that fun song about murder by tractor with Amanda on BGV's and "I Know What It's Like Without You" sugary electro-pop!
    I really like the actual solo album versions of Grant's songs, but always loved Amanda Brown's contributions to the GB's. I wonder if the sound would differ greatly?
    As for Robert's stuff... I'll bite my tongue here to avoid flying daggers.

    According to the Nichols' bio several reasons floated for break-up:
    - Robert wanted to record 'Freakchild' in Germany where his girlfriend lived. Grant said "No way."
    - Constant band quarrels, with Lindy especially.
    - Financially Robert and Grant subsidized the band with their publishing royalties, and considered dumping the band to make a "Blood On The Tracks" type acoustic album together.
    - Grant simply stated "I didn't want to be in a democracy anymore" and wanted to try the solo gig.

  2. Hi Tim

    I did question some of the Nichols book as he seemed to have such a pro RF / anti GM stance


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