Saturday, 7 April 2012

Let down of the week

I've written before about the god like genius of Terry Hall and EMI have also celebrated it with the release of a double cd of 42 tracks, covering singles (but not all of them) and lp tracks (but not the best of them)

I bought on spec and as I didn't recognise all the titles thought there would be some long lost tracks I'd not heard before.

It really is an odd compilation , virtually ignoring his output from the excellent 2 solo lps Laugh and Home. Instead we get 22 tracks from The Fun Boy Three.

There are a couple of non lp tracks but nothing that hasn't featured on the recently re released and expanded Colourfield lps.

Now at the time I never really got the Fun Boy Three and the 22 tracks here hasn't really changed my mind. However they did produce 2 cracking singles

Tunnel of Love  - Fun Boy Three  one of the best anti love songs going

Our Lips are Sealed - Fun Boy Three originally written for the Go Gos

There are some other good tracks mainly taken from the 2nd lp Waiting but overall it feels like a bit of a wasted opportunity, with the cynic in me thinking released to coincide with the Specials featuring in the summer Olympic concerts

If you really want to you can get it here , but I'd stick with the solo lps and The Colourfield


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