Thursday, 26 April 2012

Life of Live - World Party

I'd seen a mini set by World Party at the Fleadh and despite the fact that it was beset by technical difficulties it gave a glimpse of how good they could be live. Stripped of all the studio trickery the songs just shone through.

Since then they had released the Dumbing Up lp which was as good as their high water mark Goodbye Jumbo and prompted a full scale tour , their first in years.

The show was built around the theme of a made up tv channel with  a giant screen showing made up adverts and trailers for imaginary programmes. It didn't really work feeling a bit like a big in joke that you weren't part of and I felt there was a collective sigh of relief when the band came on.

The band played a storming set covering tracks from all their lps, with the new ones fitting right in. Karl Wallinger was a lot funnier and charismatic than his sometime prickly reputation suggested (which also made the pre concert videos a bigger misfire)

I've posted the lead off track which you can imagine as a Prince song in an alternative universe

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