Monday, 30 April 2012

Misery Monday 25/26 - Balloon

I've written about Balloon before here and I haven't found out much more since then, except the fact that I now know I wasn't the only person to buy the lp Gravity.

I did manage to track down 3 more tracks that I think were on a post lp single, they aren't a radical departure but if I'm being honest they aren't as magical as the 10 tracks on the lp.

The whole lp is one long misery monday but the track I've chosen is a beautifully haunting song. For some strange reason I love the line "may you rot in hell Alexander Bell"

Frighten to Death - Balloon

You can get a copy of the cd here and I'd heartily recommend it if you like fragile music with a sense of melancholic melody

Next week is the last one of misery monday which means a new monday theme is on its way....... the anticipation must be unbearable ... then again...

NB I wrote this a couple of weeks ago and since then I've stumbled on their myspace site here has some fantastic new ... ish or new ly discovered songs on . Sorry to be vague but the whole page couldn't be vaguer . New lp is mentioned , a new lp seems to have been scrapped and this was 4 years ago. If anyone has anymore luck and can share nay light drop me a line


  1. Nice catch!
    I guess you already saw the bio in Wikipedia? Nothing about other albums there...
    I see the whole album on YouTube, I'm definitely going to check it all out soon. Thanks...
    Ps: The Freakchild clips you posted are much cleaner sounding than the YouTube clips (now removed). Did you have to pay for the MP3's?


  2. Balloon's album always surprises; I expect a couple of good tracks with slightly dated production; always more than that, emotionally engaging and, ahem, 'organic'....

  3. never tire of the lp - typical case of right sound wrong time

    Tim - I did a blog search and found someone who had posted the lot - apols I've lost the link but emai me your address and I'll do you a cd


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