Monday, 16 April 2012

Misery Monday - This Year's Love

After putting his heart and soul into 3 lps to general indifference , David Gray finally got the sales he deserved through Babylon. However it was the title track from the resulting lp that really stuck for me.

On one level it is a song of hope as he stands on the precipice of a new relationship  "swept me off my feet" "When you hold me like you do feels so right"

However there is a weariness in the voice that makes you kind of think the odds aren't that short.

This Year's Love - David Gray

This is no doubt helped in my mind by the film it originally came from. One of those bittersweet, ensemble casts comedy dramas that the UK does so well / plays so safe with depending on your view. It was the classic 3 star film however for some reason I really liked it

David Gray's music features in the film (at some points sung by Kathy Burke) and the track always echoes with the ups and downs that happen to the 3 couples over the 3 year period that the film is set


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