Wednesday, 4 April 2012

New Music

One of the joys of the blog is that I get sent lots of new music to listen to , although a lot of it seems to come from people relating to gigs they are about to play in new york not quite grasping where teddington is.

Having said that I also get some crackers and here are 4 of the best

First up is Chris Ford who I think is Irish and has a great voice. He follows the footsteps of other Irish singer songwriters by getting recognition first in the states through playing live.  It is classic singer songwriter fare, but the mellow nature, melting melodies combined with an ear for a killer chorus means it sounds familiar but unique at the same time, he reminds me a bit of Matthew Jay. It doesn't set the earth on fire but if the rest of his songs are as good as these 2 then I hope his lp All Caught Up gets released soon

Love Falls - Chris Ford

Moving out of View - Chris Ford

This will be his 3rd lp and you can get copies of his debut This Atlantic Low here

You can here some more tracks here and having heard these I'm off to order This Atlantic Low before they run out

Next up is a gorgeous bit of Americana. Pete RG is the former lead singer of Last December (I'm afraid I'd not heard of them either , but that might mean something to someone), the lp which you can stream here is a bit pop and a bit country. I really like his voice and again it doesn't stride out in any radical new direction , just good quality songwriting. Follow the link to hear the lp , which includes a killer version of Brucies I'm on Fire

Next up is a bit jangle from Cornish band Fire Island Pines who tap into the spirit of felt , a bit of lloyd cole and who would've fitted nicely on Sarah records

Their Rikki Lee Jones ep has 4 great songs on that you can listen to and then buy here 

Finally, one of the emails I got requesting The Blue Nile tracks posted a few weeks ago had a link at the end to the person's band. Captain Walker are a Norwegian band and that is all I can tell you. Except they make west coast pop with heavenly harmonies. I've no idea if they have an lp out or not but you can listen to 3 tracks here. They remind me a bit of a more chilled out Thrills

So there you go , something for everyone (well maybe not death metal fans)

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