Thursday, 10 May 2012

Cult of the b side Pet Shop Boys

The Pet Shop Boys are one of those bands where the b sides are just as good and often better than many other bands a sides. They have pulled them together into 2 compilations Alternative and the recently released Format.

Neil Tennant write on Format's sleeve notes - When we write an album we write more songs than we need , so we choose them and the other tracks that we finish off as well

Chris Lowe - we're constantly writing and making demos and sometimes a track will sound like a b side more than an aside , and it might just be the demo version that goes out... we do stockpile songs.

The one I've chosen,shows them as their tongue in cheek , ironic best. A cover versions called We are the Pet Shop Boys. Originally by My Robot Friend . also covered by Robbie Williams

CL  - he managed to write it in exactly our style

NT -  It's an explanation of us that we would have never done

We Are the Pet shop Boys - The Pet Shop Boys

It is worth listening to for the lyrics alone

You can buy Format here

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