Tuesday, 29 May 2012

FMtastic part 1 The Feeling

Yesterday's post on Supertramp has prompted a week's mini theme. A few years ago there was a weird mini movement of bands who looked back to the FM radio songs of the late 70's early 80s for their inspiration. All catchy tunes . big harmonies , striking piano chords an guitar chords polished by Mr Sheen.

It all really started with The Feeling's 12 Stops And Home lp. Now I know plenty of people who mentioning the Feeling to for some reason gets them frothing at the mouth.

I kind of liked the sugary sound and catchy tunes that made the Lightening Seeds seem like a prog rock band, and cliche as it is the whole lp could have been released as singles

At first it seemed like a bit of an overnight success with the first single going top 10 but the band had been together in various guises and had all spent time as session musicians  and in a covers band before The Feeling's breakthrough. Two more lps have followed and a greatest hits (after 3 lps???) but I've only got the lp as I suspect there is only so much sugar that is good for you.

I've posted my favourite track from the lp. I think the line put the kettle on probably sums up why i like them but also why their sound annoys some people

Kettle's on - The Feeling

This is followed by 2 of the singles both of which will either have you marvelling at their pop sensibilities or quickly moving on

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