Wednesday, 30 May 2012

FMtastic part 2/4 - Royworld

Part 2 in this week's series on a group of bands who seemed to look back to to the mainstream pop of the late 70s. Royworld released one lp Man in the Machine. Full of bright shiny pop songs. The slightly overwrought vocals did at times sound like they came from another band. Their debut single Dust got into the charts and so hopes must have been high. Support slots with the Guillemots and We are Scientists followed but the momentum stalled a tad and the band faded away (there is a bit of confusion as to if they have split up or not)

The following track is a great pop song and pretty representative as to the rest of the lp which you can get here

Here's a great live version of their one hit Dust


  1. Didn't engage with the Feeling, but Royworld and Ghosts/Ghostwriter are good hooky pop bands that I've never heard. A combo of multiple 80's influences with Coldplay/Embrace/Keane/Phoenix catchy anthems...
    Live version of Royworld's 'Dust' is really nice, better than studio track.
    Also like Ghostwriter's 'Memory' and 'Strawberry Smile' too.
    Along with the wonderful Cancel The Astronauts, a lot of sweet pop music you've shared recently...

  2. I know what you mean about the Feeling but the lp is so chock full of catchy hooks! - I've bought nothing else by them which probably means I never fully engaged
    I think you 'll like tomorrow's post if you've not heard of them before


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