Thursday, 31 May 2012

FMtastic part 3/4 - Ghosts

Not to be confused with the excellent The Ghosts that I blogged about recently , Ghosts were also a band that looked like they were headed for big things making the top 10 of the BBC's Sound of Series in 2007.

Wikipedia is a bit short on facts but does have a rather pointless story ...

On 22 February 2007, the members of Ghosts, three of their roadies and Claire Fowler were arrested on suspicion of stealing beers from behind the hotel bar, and broken lamp in the hotel reception. One of the hotel rooms was flooded during the night by a broken toilet (the hotel was going through refurbishment). Both incidents looked very suspicious, causing the hotel manager to call the police.[3] They were all subsequently released without charge. As it turns out, the hotel night porter had given the band permission to help themselves to the beers in the fridge and keep a tally, he later explained on a myspace page. - Rock n Roll or what!

Like Royworld yesterday , one single sneaked into the top 30 , an lp was released and then ....

However the myspace page does have some new tracks form 2011 and the message from the lead singer that he now goes under the moniker of Ghostwriter. If you like the track I've posted it is worth heading over here to listen to the Ghostwriter tracks, which sounds like they could well have been a Ghosts follow up lp

Here is the opening track of their only lp which you can get here and again a great pop song

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