Friday, 4 May 2012

Life of Live - The Gobetweens

Having seen them play as a duo and have so much fun I guess it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise when a new Gobetweens lp appeared. Their own Fleetwood Mac moments meant that they needed to recruit a new backing band settling on members from Sleater Kinney.

The lp was  better than most other things around at the time although not their strongest set. It was as if they were feeling their way back in as phase 2 of the Gobetweens got better and better with each of the 3 lps they made.

Live it was a joy with the set basically a greatest hits (or maybe best of is a better description as they remained criminally hit less) run through with tracks from the new lp dotted through out. Some of these seemed to echo the sound of their early days.

What added to the occasion was the fact that I loved both of the support acts , Hobotalk and Cousteau

I've posted the final track from the lp. Usually I like the sweetness of Grant's songs but this time Robert had the best song on the lp , a hymn to Patti Smith.

I love the line that shows a band feeling a bit out of time

When she sang about a boy Kurt Cobain
I thought what a shame
It wasn't about Tom Verlaine

When She Sang About Angels - The Gobetweens


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