Saturday, 26 May 2012

Life of Live - Hothouse Flowers

I'm not sure why it took me so long to see Hothouse Flowers live. I had their first two lps which I really liked although didnt play that much. I ended up seeing them more out of chance in that the friends who I saw James with decided we should all go and see someone else as well as the annual Brixton Academy pilgrimage to Sit Down. I think Hothouse Flowers were the only band touring at the time we could all agree to give a go. I thought well at least I'll know a few of the songs.

They were astoundingly good that only a bunch of people who had grown up playing together could be. The intensity and energy never let up and Liam O Moanlai's vocals were stunning , reaching a high with what starts as an acapella song but soon morphs into a full on party jig as an encore.

The other highlight was a calypso version of their break through single Don't Go that went on forever. This is one of those songs that although bouncy always brings a light shiver , due to the fact that it was written for a friend in a coma , listen to it in that light and the lyrics do become bitter sweet 

I immediately rushed out and bought everything else by them that I hadn't got. Admittedly some of the later lps could be a bit patchy and didn't really capture the shear joy of their live performance but they were still well worth getting. 

They still are current holders of the ... so much better than I expected award

I've posted one of my favourite tracks that comes from the 2nd lp. One of the best whistling songs going with a walk on the wild side bass and a sing along gospely chorus added into the mix  

Here is a shortened version of the Dont Go party version


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