Saturday, 19 May 2012

Life of Live - James

By now an annual visits to see James had become a firm tradition for me and 3 other friends from poly. Each concert was usually preceded by quite a bit to drink and was usually ended with an annual kebab.

Please to Meet You came out after the disappointment of Millionaires. I loved it from the off and when it again undersold and the band called it a day part of me was glad that they had ended on such a high (me and my friends were a bit thrown by the removal of our annual night out!)

The cover features a photo composit of all the band members of that time (not the greatest gimmick in the world I'll grant you)

Among the great tracks (I think there is only one that doesn't hit the heights) was one of their strongest singles and an ongoing live favourite

It had the kind of video that in hindsight was never going to get them on heavy rotation

Most of James's lps end with a ballad and Pleased to Meet You has one of their best


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