Saturday, 12 May 2012

Life of Live - The Waterboys

One of my big music regrets was not seeing the Waterboys live at poly when the were at the height of their Big Music period, I'd even managed to miss them for the for the Fisherman's Blues and Room to Roam tours. I eventually caught a short set at the Fleadh but at that point Mike Scott was touring under his own name.

A couple of years after the Fleadh gig a new Waterboys lp A Rock in a Weary land appeared out of the blue. If I'm being honest it is a very patchy affair which a much heavier more traditional rock and roll sound. I we nt to se them on the tour to promote the lp and they carried that sound over to the live arena. It was and still is by far the loudest gig I've ever been to. My whole body seemed to ache at some of the lengthy guitar parts.

Live didn't do much to alter my opinion of the lp , the tracks I liked were great, the ones I didn't weren't improved by stretching them out and upping the volume

One of the best ones both on the lp and live is this song about the life and death of Diana. Candle in the Wind it isn't!

Is she conscious of the the chauffeur as he drives
Is she conscious as the ambulance arrives


  1. I've never listened to the whole album but love the title track. All 8 mind of it. Never got to see them either.��

  2. Hi

    th etitle track is great - if you get a chance via spotify or something We are Jonah on the lp is a good sing along

  3. I don't generally like to make negative comments about bands that I love, but this was such a disappointment. Initially, I thought the CD was a faulty pressing, with all of its distorted vocal effects and dissonance, but it appears Mr. Scott chose to mutilate his fine voice into an experiment of fuzz and static. Attempting to be hip? Maybe it's just me...

  4. I know what you mean - i think it is his worst lp with about 5 good tracks on it - It isnt so much the songs bu the way he chose to play and sing them if that makes sense

  5. Big Music and Fisherman's Blues take some beating... the solo albums are patchy.
    Haven't heard the Yeats album yet but saw the band do a couple of tracks on Jools; they looked bored to tears...


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