Monday, 28 May 2012

Middle of the Road Monday part 2 Supertramp

I was definitely on my own among my friends as far as this was concerned. In fact Supertramp would often top the bands we most hate polls in late night drunken student arguments. The Supertramp of the over the top , over long noodling songs I'd agree with . However the problem was some of their harmony layered singles were so dam catchy.

The Greatest hits soon became a bit of a guilty pleasure with dreamer , long way home and even the pop by number of It's Raining Again often sneaking onto playlists. However even then the greatest hits has some songs on I cant love even a little bit

It is part of the romanticising of 77 - 79 that in the midst of punk and new wave these 2 songs were giving Supertramp their biggest hits (so much for sweeping away the dinosaurs)

Logical Song - Supertramp


  1. If 10 years older, you'd have worn out a couple of their early LP's... without shame.
    C'mon "Crime" & "Quietest Moments" are classic. Listen to "Downstream" and tell me it's not still lovely...

    'Logical Song' and that album... Yuck, I'd rather have my teeth drilled! Another sorta 'list song'.
    List songs... How about "88 Lines About 44 Women" (Nails), and "People Who Died" (Jim Carrol)???

  2. Hi tim

    thatnks - just what i was hoping form this theme - I'm off to spotify

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