Monday, 14 May 2012

Middle of the Road Monday part1 - Billy Joel

Well it is time for a new monday theme. After much mental wrestling I've gone for something tried and tested (ie I haven't given it much thought and so had to go with something cliched and unoriginal)

Mondays for the next 6 months will be given over to my guilty pleasures. Now I developed a very keen sense of music snobbery very early, however  my first love of ELO meant an appreciation of an over the top middle of the road FM tune remains still.

I'm going to pick songs in my record collection that my friends really didn't like at all, stuff that I certainly wouldn't rush to be playing if I was trying to impress anyone. They are often singular tracks , by people whose rest of their catalogue would leave me cold

Having said that having been long of the opinion that in terms of music there are two views mine and the wrong one some of these tracks I will have defended to the hilt in many a drunken argument , slip onto the playlists at house parties and sang along defiantly to if they came on the radio.

I've avoided stuff whose fashion comes and goes , eg I've seen the songs of god like geniuses Bacharach and David move in and out of fashion and acceptability. These monday ones have always been a bit a naff

This series will probably have a number of you scratching your head , see my viewing stats crash and burn , but hopefully there will be one or two of you ready to come out of the closet as well

First up is Billy Joel. I've never really listened to his early stuff, but the whole Uptown Girl, Tell hr about it . Still Rock and Roll , etc I found cringeworthingly awful and put me off if I'm honest exploring anything further, and I certainly didn't know anyone who could have put me right

However, ever a sucker for list songs , clever lyrics etc I love this ...

We Didn't Start the Fire - Billy Joel

ps as a side note the fact I'm going to post stuff that are by people I don't normally like means these posts if I'm feeling a bit grumpy may have the odd scathing remark - if its about someone you like please don't take it the wrong way but let me know some songs to try that will point out the error of my ways!!)


  1. 'Piano Man' and 'Italian Restaurant'...
    Any song that starts with "A bottle of red? A bottle of white? It all depends upon your appetite" gets my vote...

  2. Ditto on Italian restaurant... Ballad Of Billy The Kid and Captain Jack epic tunes as I recall from younger days.
    I can't believe I'm recommending anything by BJ, but he did have some great story songs very early in his career.

  3. Great voice live in the early days; I saw some Whistle Test footage recently from Piano Man days (late 70s?) and he was great; a dynamo in the same way as Elton was (before the fame and the twatish tantrums); hammering the ivories without missing a note; pitch perfect and punchy...

  4. By the way, this is great series topic. You're a brave man...
    I'd be embarrassed to admit my owning several Cliff Richard albums.

  5. Admire your honesty... power to all our friends...

  6. Great confession now go and recite 5 morrissey lyrics as penance

  7. As list songs go.....I just heard the 1st track of the Train - California 37 album, and it's a cracking list song.
    Check out 'This'll Be My Year'

  8. Loving the new Monday posts, everybody loves MOR. Why are we ashamed of it, if you like a tune be proud to like it and don't give a shit what ANYONE thinks. My philosophy!

  9. hi David some of my future monday posts may test that philosophy!!

  10. AH well we must wait and see.


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