Monday, 7 May 2012

misery monday part 26/26 - sweet and sour

Sometimes the saddest songs are the simplest. To end this series I've posted 5 tracks which in their brevity carry a canyon of regret

First up is Irish band Fat Lady Sings and But - with the killer "

I am Sincerely yours no more I quit . I know life is long but life's to short for this"

But - The Fat Lady Sings

Next up is September with David Sylvian sounding at his world weary best . The line "sipping coke playing games"  always makes me smile ... the idea of a can of Coke featuring in a David Sylvian song is as out of place as if he sang "curry sauce on my chips"

September - David Sylvian

Depeche Mode not known for their sad songs , but they have a few and they are usually the ones Martin Gore chooses to sing himself

Sometimes - Depeche Mode

Elbow just seem to get better and better and this one comes from the break up lp Leaders of the Free World , a thing of fragile beauty

Puncture Repair - Elbow

Finally Born in a Storm. Not sad in itself but as the start of an lp that just makes me think of home and all that means "those hurricane days" always brings a shiver

Born in a Storm - Deacon Blue

5 songs , less than 10 mins of melancholy wonderment

So that ends the latest monday theme - new one starts next week ... just got to think of one now!


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