Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Places to visit

Time for another periodic jaunt around the wonderful world of the internet.

Here are some of the places I've been visiting recently on top of the wonderful blogs that are on the side bar

First up is The Golden Age of Music video which does what it says on the tin, focusing rather randomly between 1976 ( I can get this as a start point due to Bohemian Rhapsody) to 1993 (slightly non plussed in the site picking Guns and Roses November Rain as an end point)

It features a wealth of detail and information as well as some great interviews

A recent one features Thomas Dolby here which  has some great funny moments  like the response of Michael Jackson to hearing the song Thomas had written for him (Hyperactive) the  frustration of Magnus Pyke after appearing in the Blinded Me with Science video as well as stuff on the new lp

Next up is Slicing Up the Eyeballs which I assume is a US site as it refers to 80s college rock. It is great on news of upcoming re releases and box sets (I first found out about World Party's Arkeology here) as well as interviews , general music news and interesting links

Another US site is DirectCurrentMusic which has its feet firmly in BBC 6 Music land. Lots of new bands / singers to discover.

O Babylon revisits lost classic lps that are towards the edges of pop music. It is full of surprises.

Come Together is one man's massive collection of cd singles and lapsing into cliches there really is something for everyone whilst somehow managing to never post a duff track!

Finally how to describe Retronaut. One of the joys of where I work is I can play music in my office  or listen to the radio. I was half listening to someone go on about their website on 6 music the other day ,and was intrigued enough to scribble down the address. Apologies if I'm the only one not to know about this , but it is a treasure trove of a maze where you can lose yourself for hours

The good web guide describes it as thus

Retronaut gives us a "passport" to the past. You'll find all sorts here: images from Wales in the 1950s; a Warner Brothers' blooper reel from the 1930s; a recording of a man playing his trombone in 1897; a film of North London in the 1940s. The joy of using the blog is in wondering what marvel you'll find on the next page.

Creator Chris Wild describes a "retronaut" as someone who "goes back in time using just perception;" we travel in time he says in "that tiny, tiny moment, just before we grasp the fact that our beliefs are wrong.

Retronaut is the very best of the internet. It's collaborative and avoids narcissism, pulling off the sublime trick of being entertaining, provocative and wistful all at the same time. It's a mash-up of modes and styles, fusing a playful treatment of form with a sense of awe at the revitalising power of documentary footage.

This is a necessary reminder of our place in history and a tribute to our obsession with cataloguing our reality. As innovative bazaar of the unexpected and humble celebration of the imagination

It is a treasure trove of images with recent collections including

Me and My ZX Spectrum 1980
Kansas City Arcades 1968
Gretsch Guitars Catalogue 1961

Go and have a look here and I'll bet you'll be sucked in

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