Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Return of the Duke

after rather mortifyingly posting an photo of Tim Minchin , here is the Duke in all his glory

Short post to say it is worth wandering over to Duke Special's website at the moment. He is working on a new lp and is currently offering a free download as a taster. Punch of a Friend is beautiful bit of melody and bodes well for the rest of the lp titled Oh Pioneer


  1. "Punch of a Friend" is a great song... but this is a picture of Tim Minchin not Duke Special who actually wrote and recorded it

  2. oops you are right I must have been half asleep when I did this

  3. Thanks for the link Dave; he's a great melodist is the Duke.
    Nice to see you over on meandmybigmouth...
    Ironic reading my rants on the day that I start self publishing 'In Cassidy's Care'... all rules apply except to... erm... me...

  4. cheers Trev - the only frustration with the internet is that beer conversations happen without the beer!

  5. Shpeak for yourshelf
    Your reds were a bit underwhelming at the weekend... Carrol (sp?) actually gave you some potency; hindsight I know but it's a shame you didn't start with him.
    I was in your corner (against my blue pater); desperate not to see the loathsome Terry smug...

  6. it was all a bit of an anti climax - I'm n ot sure why he didnt startw ith Carroll who has been pretty good the last 3/4 games he has played and he certainly changed things when he came on.
    My wife has banned me from talking about both terry and Harry "people's choice" as apparently i lose all sense and coherence and my rants turn into just grunting.
    I have a theory that some teams have cursed positions - liverpolls is left back after years of struggling to fill that postion , enrique arrives and starts off great but for thelast 4 months the curse has struck again and he has been pants

  7. Too much (brown paper) baggage with Harry.
    I think the FA feared a boudoir...
    I'm surprised that the Newcastle boss wasn't at least in the frame...
    Roy seems a decent and honourable man, although (as my publicist/girlfriend keeps reminding me) "nice guys come 2nd". I hope that she's referring to my better nature and not something else...

  8. Meant that to read "I think the FA feared a Venables...."
    Not sure why 'boudoir' left my fumbling fingers...

  9. it did give me an image i am struggling to shift

  10. Oh no; it's in my head now; he's not the prettiest clothed... and what's he doing with the bung?

  11. Feeling better this morning?
    The loathsome JT had a 'mare...
    How to spell schadenfreude?

  12. I hope that is the andy carroll liverpoll get at the start of next season and not the lumbering oaf that they had at the start of this!


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