Wednesday, 16 May 2012

The return of Pop - part 1 Hal

On a post last year I asked "Whatever happened to Hal?"  , an Irish band whose first lp had quirky pop songs and multi layered Beach Boy harmonies. Well 7 years after that first release the band are back with a new lp "The Time the Hour"

I'm not quite sure why the big delay but band members have come and gone (interestingly the 10 tracks here feature 5 different drummers!).

Some of the over the top sugarness has been turned down but there is still that harmony filled west coast feel and pure pop singing along nature of the songs.

On first hearing you do feel a bit "well that is quite nice" but over time the layers reveal themselves and like all lps that stick around you start to explore the hidden depths.

you can listen to a couple of tracks here (down in the valley is the closest in feel to the 1st lp).

The lp also contains this gorgeous harmony drenched ballad

Pure pop and one of the lps of the year so far you can buy Hals new lp here

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