Thursday, 17 May 2012

The Return of Pop - part 2 The Ghosts

Thanks to Ed at the wonderful 17 seconds who first featured this band. Not to be confused with Ghosts who were tipped to the next big thing a few years ago, The Ghosts are a 5 piece London band formed out of the ashes of Ou Est Le Swimming Pool , unfortunately maybe best known by the suicide of the lead singer who jumped from a mast in the backstage area of a music festival.

The lp is called the End and at this point you may expect to be taken on a journey of darkness and sorrow especially as band leader Alex Starling is quoted as saying Ghosts was an opportunity for Palmer to fill the "absolute emptiness I felt at my lowest point … a way of hopefully turning a negative into a positive.

What we get is a joyous lp of pop music that switches between a more electronic backing and mow guitar driven stuff. Like a cross between the Lightening Seeds at their best, sprinkled with Hot Chip and the poppier elements of New Order.

The first 2 singles Ghosts and Enough Time give you an idea of what to expect (including the second one which lifts the intro to OMD's Enola Gay)

The End is a great hook laden debut and you can buy it here


  1. Impressive. I have to say that Ou Est Le Swimming Pool took multiple listenings to get into. The singer's suicide added an even odder dimension to their music as well.
    This is pretty immediate stuff! Toes started tapping from the outset. I like the Pop tension, especially on Enough Time. They have a real mid/late 80's feel.

  2. 'Ghosts' reminds me of Squeeze circa 'Take Me I'm Yours' with a bit of Lennon thrown in on the bridge. All very 'Euro pop', nice in fact...

  3. Hi Echo - I've never heard simming pools stuff so must give it a listen. I thinkit is the immediacy that I like
    I think a europop squeeze sums it up nicely Trev!


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