Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beautiful Things - Everything But the Girl

You probably have guessed by now that I'm a bit of a sucker for an attractive reissue - drowning in my nostalgia

Everything But the Girl have re released their first 4 lps (click on the links to see full track listing and where you can buy them)

The folky jazz of Eden
The jangly political pop of Love Not Money
The country wall of sound of Baby The Stars Shine Bright
The 80s soul of Idlewild

Each lp is now a double with b sides demos and sessions pulled together and each is presented a beautifully hard cover bounds booklet with lost glossy photos. They are truely wonderful things

Here are 4 tracks that show the changes - a couple of demos from the first 2 lps and a couple of videos  ( not their strong point) from the 3rd and 4th

Each and Everyone - Home Demo

Angel - Home Demo

Come Home

These Early Days


  1. Do you suggest starting with Eden for a fan of the older material?

  2. Hi blureu

    that is a tough one - For neatness sake I'd start with Eden but they are all a bit different , so if jangly guitars is your preference then I'd go straight to Love Not Money, if you like youe music more poppy then I'd go for Idlewild (althgouhg htis is the one that sounds most dated due to the production) , more country then Baby the Stars

    so not much help there then!!

  3. Excellent, excellent stuff, have found them a few quid cheaper on Amazon, wish I'd known a bit earlier could have requested one off each child for Fathers day! :0)

  4. If only ......... No doubt will be chocolate for me of which I will see very little!!!

    Mine are on order!!! The one track I have always wanted a good quality digital version of is Laugh You Out The House, which was the B-side to Each And Everyone, I believe. On the US version of Eden which was actully self titled, it is included, but I have never seen a cd verison of the US first album.

  6. they are one of those bands that put a lot of effort into b sides
    hope the series doesnt stop at idlewild put continues with the next 2 as well

  7. I have taken the whole trip with EBTG...their journey into dance/beats was thoughtful and not trendy. Their output during the last period of their active years (always hopeful that there will be another period of activity) was just as thoughtful and lyrically satisfying as the styles they ventured through before it.

  8. I realy liked Walking Wounded lp , but could never really get into Temperamentl


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