Friday, 1 June 2012

FMtastic part 4/4 - The Captain

I bought Captain's debut lp This is Hazelville as it was described as a cross between Deacon Blue and the Smashing Pumpkins , needless to say they didnt sound like either of these. At its' heart the band's sound did have a big early 80s pop feel. As with the other bands this week it is less synth and more the guitar + piano + harmonies of Amercian bands at that time.

The band had the added advantage of Trevor Horn producing them so if anything I was a tad disappointed that the lp if anything felt a bit restrained.

They released 2 fantastic singles Glorious and Broke , both of which made the lower reaches of the chart but should have got a lot higher.

A second lp was recorded but the band was a victim of when the venture capitalists got hold of their label EMI and it was never released .. although the band swiftly were.

And here is a live version of the other single Glorious

Of all the band's on this week's mini theme , Captain had a sound that you could see lasting and it is a shame the 2nd lp didnt see the light of day. You can get This is Hazelville here


  1. I seem to recall surfing the web and coming across this band a few years ago. "Frontline" rings a bell, a good tune.

    I listened to the whole album on Youtube (still no Spotify here). Very retro sound, but I don't get the DB, PS comparisons either. You know who they do remind me of most? A Canadian band... "STARS". Also a bit like a band called Delays.
    'Glorious" is a nifty track, but that synth riff is driving me bananas. Where did they nick it? Do you remember Trans X - "Living On Video" ?

    A few B-sides I stumbled across. A couple are pretty good...

    "Spring Park Hotel"
    "Echoes Of Fashion"
    "Why Wait"
    "Last Page"
    "Clear Cut"
    "An Evening Light"

  2. Hi Tim - not sure I get the Stars link (but what a great band they are!) - cheers for the b sides

  3. Everything I've heard from "This is Hazelville" sounds nothing less than brilliant. Of course, the suits decided to bury the follow-up. Discogs lists a 6song album sampler that supposedly made the rounds.

  4. Hi Sebastian thanks for the comment
    It is such a shame the follow up never came out - the debut is on eof those lps that i keep popping back to


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