Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Great Music Good Cause - Dalis Car

On the 4th of January 2011 Mick Karn artist and musician and as a founding member of Japan though Quiet Life , Gentlemen Take Polaroids , Tin Drum and later on Rain Tree Crow played a big part in the music I loved died

Just before he died he was working with Peter Murphy as Dalis Car on a follow up to their mid 80s cult release The Waking Hour

The ep In Glad Aloness has 5 tracks including a cover of If You Go Away and show cases Mick Karn's skill as a bass player and multi instrumentalist

The proceeds from the release will provide some financial support to the family he left too soon.

It is not the easiest lsiten in the world and does have the sense fo not being quite finished but if you appreciated Mik Karn's bass playing then it is a chance to give something back
 You can buy the ep here

Here he is live with Japan with that wonderful bass sound

Here is a live performance on the Whistle Test of the first time around for Dalis Car

.... and finally backing a rare outing for Kate Bush


  1. I purchased In Glad Aloneness the minute it was available from Mick's page on Burning Shed.
    There is a wonderful immediacy to the work. Somewhat similar to that on the Rain Tree Crow album. While it may not be finished, it feels thought out and Murphy's lyrics are at times very intimate and reflective of the mood of the project.

  2. Hi Echo i agree up to a point. I'm not sur ei'd lilnk it to Rain Tree Crow though which i thin had am uch more consistent "sound"

    what it does feel like is a very personal, unique work - even the cover of If You Go Away manages to sound fresh and that is a song that has been covered countless times. I'm just not sure in yrs to come I'll still be playing it unless it comes up on shuffle

  3. I guess I didn't mean to really compare it to Rain Tree Crow, they are very different animals, but they both employed a great deal of improvisation which was then moulded into works.
    I think the beauty of all of Dalis Car's output is that it is completely personal and created to appeal to the makers with the hope that it will resonate with the listener. InGladAloneness is certainly not for everyone, but it is out there for everyone to hear.
    I'm very thankful that Murphy felt the time was right to create one more time with Mick Karn.


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