Thursday, 14 June 2012

Life o fLive - Boo Hewerdine / Chris Difford

The next concert I went to on one hand was a big disappointment but on the other was a bit of a revelation . It was held in that Blake's 7 set that is Canary Wharf and featured a 3 artist line up of Chris Difford , Boo Hewerdine and Gary Clark. I was pretty ambivalent about Chris Difford , but never gave up the chance to see Boo hewerdine and had not seen Gary Clark play since a great gig he had done as part of King L . I was also hoping that in playing live he would be announcing a new solo lp or something.

Therefore it was a bit of a killer when it was announced that he had hurt his back and wouldn't be playing , replaced instead by Francis Dunnery former lead singer of It Bites. He was a lot better than I was expecting (although I still think Calling All the Heroes as one of the most annoying records going) . Boo Hewerdine was his usual excellent self.

The real revelation was Chris Difford . I had Squeeze's greatest hits but that was it., and always really thought as Glen Tilbrook as the main singer. Chris Difford fronted a full band with Francis Dunnery back on guitar and a great female singer who sang harmonies to Difford's main vocal. He ran through basically a greatest hits set. What made it work was the arrangements that were largely a mainly crisp clean jangly / acoustic sound. In a break he explained Dunnery had been responsible for the backing and had produced his new lp due out soon (Calling all the Heroes was immediately forgiven). I hadn't realised that due to financial problems and a battle with booze this was his first live appearance in some years. With his lower vocal range the Squeeze songs seemed fresh and familiar at the same time.

He also played 3 new songs that would feature on the debut lp and they all held their own with the Squeeze classics including this , written with the Gary Clark and introduced as " my only gay country and western song"


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