Thursday, 28 June 2012

Life of Live - the Bible

I recently went to see The Bible play a reunion gig to celebrate 30 yrs or something which I wrote about here. They had played one more reunion gig a few years earlier. This was part of the same festival as the Roddy Frame / Edwyn Collins concert and was in the same venue. So the same weird comfy chairs and the same perfect acoustics.

I want dwell on this one excellent as it was , mainly because the same review could apply to both gigs along with the same hope in vain that it would lead to some new recordings.

Instead I'll repeat my Boo Hewerdine story form the first time I saw them live ... or how being a music know it all will always trip you up in the end

Before the band came on me and my friends sat at a table drinking and talking , with me boring everyone again on how the Bible were going to be massive and Graceland was a number 1 waiting to happen ( the record company when they were eventually picked up by a major obviously thought the same as it felt like they re released it about 6 times). We all noticed an odd looking bloke in a long coat supping a pint of lager sat at the table next to us and did think long coat indoors? , drinking on his own? ?

Eventually the band came on , we stood up and shuffled to the front of the stage (it wasn't packed. ) my credibility took a bit of bashing when the bloke in the long coat said excuse me as he moved between us , jumped on the stage and promptly started singing. It was probably a good job I hadn't recognised him as I would have probably come across as some kind of deranged super fan stalker, much to the embarrassment of everyone involved. Maybe it also showed that Boo Hewerdine was never going to be a Bono (thank God)

I've posted a track from their 2nd lp Eureka. It has one of my favourite Boo Hewerdine lines

"I see you spending time with silent types
Who never lose their Sergeant's stripes"

It starts very quietly but stick with it for a lovely if a tad 80s sax solo

Blue Shoes Stepping - The Bible


  1. Loved The Bible.
    Saw them many a time live; once with Deacon Blue as support.
    Boo and I are on nodding terms; I call him 'mate' and he kind of goes hhrmwhothefuckisthat? up his sleeve. I can be too familiar, I know it.
    Last time I saw him was at Wembly Stadium for the Roxy Music reunion thing a few years ago. My mate Andy was the tour manager and I got to go on stage and touch all of the Moogs and synths that were being given their first airing since the late 70s. There was a lot of blue tack and gaffa tape holding everything together. The support was Rosie Deighton who Marcus has worked with and who Boo was then writing songs with. Her Americana went down like a Led Zep with the old farts dressed up as glam rockers; shame as it was a grand set. Roxy were great too but in a very different way. Anyway, there I was offloading 4 pints of Carling (£5 a pint) in the urinals and Boo shuffled up next to. Those specs give him a rabbit in the headlights look at the best of times... I offered my hand; it was limply taked; I resumed my slash whilst Boo mumbled to his member: "hhrmwhothefuckisthat?"

  2. Could be a whole new sport ... "shaking musicians hands in urinals" (I get half a point for bumping into Nick Rhodes once in the mens). There was a time when Judi and I saw Boo live so often that we thought of him as a slightly shy cousin who we would nod to and say hello to in teh bar before / after the gig we too got teh confused hello with a slight trace fo fear that we may be stalkers


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