Thursday, 21 June 2012

Life of Live - Billy Bragg

"Mixing pop and politics he asked me what the use is" - I'm pretty much of the same view. Music as social commetry that works, but I always feel that pop in politics is a bit preaching to the converted and I kind of kick against getting preached to.

Therefore there ia a bit of Billy Bragg I could take or leave but this is more than out weighed by the fact that he he writes such dam good relationship songs and he is one of the best lyricists going.

I saw him play the Shepherds Bush Empire to promote an lp he had recorded with "the Blokes". I'd been really disappointed with the lp (England Half English) , but the concert was littered with tracks from his complete back catalogue right from Life's a Riot to the better tracks from England Half English. Lots of causes were championed but the stories and anecdotes stopped my mind from wandering.

I'm posting one of my favourite tracks. Johnny Marr's sparkling guitar backs a whole bunch of great one liners.

"How can you lie there and think of England When you don't even know who is in the team"

Greetings to the New Brunette - Billy Bragg

And here is a rousing live version of a song that shows a little bit of politics is a good thing


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