Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Life of Live - James ....again!

For those of you thoroughly sick and tired of life of lives james obsession , fear not this is the last one for a while as this year's gig was their goodbye tour. It was a rush of nostalgia as the set list was basically a greatest hits with favourite lp tracks thrown in for good measure. Songs were pulled from the complete back catalogue as former members came and went to play along. Andy Diagram got one of the biggest cheers and his trumpet intro reminded everyone how part of the band's sound around the time of Seven he had been.

Very rarely a band and audience become wrapped up as one in a surging tide of music and emotion. This for me was one of those times.

I've posted a clip for the final gig and the song that could have become a albatross but is simply a celebration


  1. Nice clip. I see they're playing a few dates including one with Echo & the Bunnymen, at the Sound Island Festival. That would be a cool one...
    Gotta ask the inevitable... What's your favorite James tune???
    I had to think about mine; first love was "Born of Frustration" but I have to go with the one that knocks my socks off lyrically (pure poetry!) and sonically... "SOMETIMES"
    Love this "live" clip:

  2. Hi pete

    the lp version has to be up there much better than the shorter single edit and a great one live


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