Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Life of Live Roddy Frame and Edwyn Collins

Life of Live gets to one of my top 5 gigs ever. There used to be an annual series of concerts on the south bank called the songs the thing or something like that, one of which featured Edwyn Collins and Roddy Frame.

I went assuming they would do 45 mins each, what  happened was so much more special.

They both came on and with guitars and a piano played for 2 hours alternating each other others songs, pulled from 2 of the richest back catalogues going.

It was like seeing 2 brothers play. Roddy was all polish and craft with Edwyn all shambolic and funny. I didn't realise how close they were , they were quite clearly good friends and the chemistry and understanding between the 2 was magical. They were  having as good a time as we were. Since Edwyn's illness Roddy has been part of his touring band for a while

Each song seemed to have a story attached or trigger off an anecdote which would usually end with Roddy and the audience in hysterics at something Edwyn had said

It was a relatively small audience in a hall with great acoustics and bizazrely the kind of chairs you find in the expensive rows of the cinema

Unfortunately I've trawled Youtube and a record doesnt seem to exist , however here are 2 of the tracks  they performed that night in their record form

It was one of those gigs that it frustrated me that I can no longer remember all the details or that as I went on my own couldnt talk it through with anyone. My wife for some reason wasnt as enthusiastic when I woke her up to tell her all about it


  1. If this makes your top 5 but isn't No. 1, you had better come clean with the shows that beat it. When I read this post I actally heard myself say "whoa" under my breath. I'm quite envious.

  2. Hi Brian

    now you are asking - the other 4 would be in no particular order

    - david bowie greatest hits tour 9the one where he said it would be the last time he would play those songs live ... the joker)
    - the bible reunion gig
    - James - farewell tour
    - Martin Stephenson and the Dainties - Gladsome humour and Blue tour

    and to make a top 10 along with roddy and edwyn
    men they couldnt hang - waiting for boneparte tour / Pele touring the first lp/ deacon blue - through villages and towns tour / blue nile at the royal albert hall

    any other takers??

  3. Hi , I was at that Roddy and Edwyn gig and it was wonderful , magical even . The music was terrific and they were like a comedy duo , their long friendship was evident . I had an audio recording of the show that i got from a fan site but unfortunately after a while it went a bit wonky , but there may still be others out there somewhere . Bronagh , Belfast .

  4. Hi Bronagh

    magical is just the right word - I'm dead thrilled I can now say I knew someone else who was there - I was beginning to think I'd imagined it!

    1. I sometimes think it was a dream too ! It wasn't long after Sept 11th and the increased tensions that brought . I remember there being an audible gasp around the audience at the appropriateness of the lines from Stray " Someone singing's better than the war they're winning Winging its way, your way or my way "

      Also Roddy debuted " Surf " that night and his voice was amazing . Bronagh .

  5. Replies
    1. I wish I could remember more ! Here's a link to a review of the gig in The Guardian . Bronagh .


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