Monday, 11 June 2012

Middle of the Road Monday - Andy Williams

For a time I kind of thought Andy Williams was an American version of Val Doonican (cardigan wearing crooner and fixture of saturday night tv when I was growing up. Val never had a song as good as this to call his own though

Cant Get Used to Losing You - Andy Williams


  1. Always makes me think of Paul Buchanan (and vise versa) for some reason...

  2. Hi Trev

    mmm you'velost me with that one - is it the big bow ties?

  3. I think it's the way they both strain for the high notes.
    Btw, have you noticed how vociferous the criticisms of Mid Air are?

  4. Hi Trev

    I've not seen any but then living in a bit of a bubble and only read the reviews that you posted. I love it still so it hs passed that get over the initial excitement thing


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