Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Under the radar - the Guillemots

Well this has flown under the radar a bit. With no press that I've seen the Guillemots have released a new lp. They have moved from a major label who no doubt werent too sure of their plan to release 4 lps this year. Hello Land is the first one and is closest in style to their debut Through the Windowpane. Gone are the synth heavy, everything and the kitchen sink mid 80s sound and back are he rich orchestral backings ( the lp features the Norwegian Flute Ensemble) and imaginative changes of tempo and rhythm.

They've pulled together a beautiful , thought ful record that is full of surprises

If you have fallen out of love with them recently then now is the time to get re acquainted. You can buy the cd from their website here.

In the meantime here is an acoustic version of what is still one of my favourite singles


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