Friday, 27 July 2012

Life of Live - Boo Hewerdine x2

After a number of years ploughing a more folky , Nick Drake type furrow. Boo Hewerdine returned to a fuller band sound with 2 lps Harmonograph and God Bless the Pretty Things. He also started working again with Neil MacColl on Harmonograph and it is with Neil that I think he makes his best music.

I saw him play twice during this period and during the gigs it was as if strapping on an electric guitar gave him a spurt of renewed energy, playing up to being in a rock and roll band.

Of he two lps Harmonograph is my favourite. It is an odd lp in that it is a covers lp , but the covers are of songs that Boo had written for others. Because of this they often have a poppier feel than his recent solo stuff.

I've posted one track and the sleeve notes simply read "Once there was a pop group called Hepburn that lived in a wooden house." Do you like this" I asked."

You can buy Harmonograph here


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