Monday, 30 July 2012

Middle of he Road Monday - Glen Campbell

This is one of those that as I've got older  , I am happier to come out of the closet with. However, there was time at the heart of C86 when mentioning a country a western crooner who was more radio 2 than Tube , more Vegas than Leeds Warehouse would have been met with blank looks.

However 3 tracks will always mean he is up there with the greats , Wichita Lineman and Galveston came later for me but at the start it was this one. I've a theory that you need a few of life's hopes and disappointments before you  can really appreciate some songs and hear the truth in them. This is one of them

Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell


  1. Wichita Lineman is my all-time favourite record.

    But this wouldn't be too far down the list either.

  2. Wichita Lineman one of my top 5 singles of all time too Rol, agree with David about the potency of Rhinestone Cowboy. The singing in the verses is staggeringly good. Just listen gobsmacked to Glen's presence...

  3. Hi Rol and Trev

    Wichita is my favourite too

    I think he was cursed with being forever played on radio 2 when it was at its middle of the road easy listening worst (endless car journeys i had to endure R2 with jimmy bloody young and his like)
    some songs you really have to sit down and listen to , to get how good they actually are , some songs fit a singer so perfectly 9agree TRev it is the vocal of the verses that make RC so good) it is difficult to separate them.
    I think RC and WL are 2 of these

  4. Wichita Lineman was also one of my favourites and it's also a song appreciated by many others judging by all the covers over the years - one of my favourites being by The Pearlfishers - BEF and The Painted Word also did cool covers also.

  5. Hi Wally

    I really like the BEF version (saw Heaven 17 play this live earlier in the year) but not heard the Painted Word one (who i really like)
    Going to do a short post on your record label 10/8

  6. Glen Campbell might get us on to Jimmy Webb... his brilliant (occasionally bonkers) songs are guilty pleasures for sure. He sings them with a wonky strangulated whine that is quite fetching. See Archive for the original attempts, then 10 Easy Pieces for interesting interpretations; then listen to his uneven but occasionally brilliant latest solo album Just Across the River.
    My favorite compilation of his however is The Webb Sessions which collects songs from A Tramp Shining and The Yard Went on Forever sung by... actor Richard Harris.
    All wildly OTT and invariably, bafflingly, strangely moving stuff...

  7. i remember tracking down some of the Richard harris tracks when you mentioned them before ... brilliantly left of centre


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