Monday, 2 July 2012

Middle of the Road Monday - Don Henley

Now I really don't like the Eagles .... at all . Not sure if it was due to them having one of those guitars with 2 necks or hearing bad buskers play Hotel California all over europe when I went inter railing.

I think the main reason was when I spent hard earned pocket money on a 2nd hand copy of their greatest hits lp at a school xmas fate. This was when I was realising that maybe I ought to broaden my tastes beyond ELO , that Out of the Blue wasnt the last word in pop music and picked the Eagles lp at random ( a habit I still haven't entirely got rid of) . I remember getting it home and listening to it in dismay, and then being distraught that I'd wasted my money.

However I love this. The guitar , the images , the sense of regret and lost youth , the subtle synths the rhythm that skips along, the at the time mysteries of wayfarers , deadheads etc.

The lp it came from , Building the Perfect Beast , got a lot of good reviews and I guess these older ears would appreciate it a lot more, but the younger me wasn't prepared to take the risk, I was happy to just secretly bask in this pop perfection - still one of my favourite singles

Boys of Summer - Don Henley


  1. I'm one of the few that never felt an urgency to pick up an Eagles album. I'm not sure why, but always a bit indifferent. Maybe radio saturation, or just snobbery (42,000,001 copies sold?)
    Yet I've ended up with all of Henley's albums; all a bit patchy but the good songs are very good indeed. 'End Of The Innocence', 'Heart Of The Matter', 'Last Worthless Evening', 'Everything Is Different Now', 'Taking You Home' and unheralded beauty 'Month Of Sundays' all superb.
    But 'Boys Of Summer' takes the cake... Such a timeless classic that I almost hesitate to call it a pop song. Almost 30 years later, and it sounds amazing as ever. Even the synths hold up OK, and co-writer Mike Campbell's guitar work is staggering. I actually met Mike (touring with Tom Petty) back in 1980 in Auckland NZ airport customs. Kiwis were finicky about "bugs" entering the country, so they insisted on fumigating my pup-tent and Mike's souvenir stuffed cobra that he picked up in Thailand. Nice humble guy, kinda short. Why do I always imagine celebs being 8 feet tall?

  2. a stuffed cobra .... now that is a proper rock star!

  3. Does a stuffed cobra beat a pissed python?

  4. I think the python may have it on a points decision

  5. The winner is...


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