Monday, 9 July 2012

Middle of the Road Monday - Jon and Vangelis

In the midst of all the synth bands that were appearing in the early 80s, the thought of buying a single by the lead singer in Yes, well you kind of kept that quiet. Listening back two things strike me , one is how awful the lyrics are all a bit to new agey, but secondly how shiny and sparkly he backing track sounds (Chariots of Fire was out in the same year and there are echoes between the two.
It is still a great single

I'll Find My Way Home - Jon and Vangelis


  1. I used to love that YES bit that went "Seasons will pass you by, I get up. I get down" almost as much as I loved Gabriel's GENESIS going 'And its "Hey Babe with your golden eyes of blue, hey babe don't you know our love is true..." There was real passion there even though I didn't then know what the word meant. Made the hairs on my neck dance... Now I hear Jon's voice and he makes me want to dance on his grave. Harsh but undeniable. Gabriel I'd french kiss and make supper for...

  2. I've a confession to make - I've never heard a Yes track (apart from the 90s Owner of Lonely Heart) or a Gabriel fronted Genesis track!

  3. Yes, I hate Yes but I did like I'll Find My Way Home enough to buy Vangelis' crap "Short Stories" which contained a 12" bonus LP of that nice single.
    Seems hard to believe you weren't subjected to more prog-rock. I guess it pays to be young! Right TJ?

  4. yep the whole prog rock is a mystery to me . It wasnt payed on the radio, i didnt have an elder brother and I guess it was part of what the music I was into was a reaction against. A lot of the synth bands talk about trying to wrestle the instrument away from the likes of ELP and Rik Wakeman. By the time I was really getting into music 81/82 prog rock had all but disappeared from the tv/radio/press


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