Monday, 23 July 2012

Middle of the Road Monday part 10

At the time this came out in some ways it was a million miles away to what else I was listening to but in others listening back was maybe closer to some stuff that I'd like to have admitted at the time. Like  a lot of people I was hooked by the piano melody. The vocals were just the kind of world weary I liked. Again as with a lot of these tracks I assumed that this would be one off and didn't explore anything else. Everything else , the video , the band name , the cover just all felt a tad too well non descript.

Have I missed out? I'll need some convincing... but this is still one hell of a tune


  1. Always makes me think of Marc Cohn's 'Walking in Memphis' for some reason. Great piano player; shame about the mullet...
    If you wonder at his influence take a listen to 'Beth/Rest' off Bon Iver's last album...

  2. Sorry, I'm late getting in here. This MORM series has me digging into CD's I haven't listened to in decades, to see if they have aged well...

    We've been listening to Hornsby's first half dozen albums in the car the past few days; it's been great, singing along and even playing "air-piano"... wonderful listening.

    There aren't many musician's that you can instantly recognize their playing, but Hornsby has a distinctive "sound" that even a dumb-ass like me can spot. Listen to "I Can't Make You Love Me" (Bonnie Raitt) or "End of The Innocence" (Don Henley), his chops stick out like a sore thumb, in a good way!

    It may be a hard-sell for you... rooted in Americana, southern themes and certainly not a flamboyant fellow. There is a bit of sameness to the first couple of a albums, but he started bringing in guys like Wayne Shorter, Pat Metheny, Charlie Haden, Bela Fleck etc. for more colors, before diving whole hog into the jazz-fusion thing, which I'm not smart enough to "get". One thing you have to give him... he follows his own muse, not the marketplace. He's made some pretty wonky records along the way.
    Anyway, those first few albums hold up very well to our ears. "Scenes From The South Side" is my favorite, really solid. It contains "The Road Not Taken" which as Trev said Bon Iver swiped, in a nice way. I'll take Hornsby over Justin Vernon any day...

    Convinced? Probably not, but I tried!

    Doesn't this duet with Shawn Colvin echo the somber beauty of Blue Nile?

    Bit of sequel to "The Way It Is"...

  3. Hi Trev - I know what you mean I always put them in the same bracket as well - although for soem reason I never felt the same warmth to the MC song (and the Cher version certainly didnt help)

    cheers Tim - that comment is exactly waht I was hoping for I'm off to spotify to try scenes from the south side


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