Wednesday, 25 July 2012

one man cottage industry - Ian McNabb

A lot of the singers I like have settled into a kind of one man cottage industry approach to music. Ian McNabb lead singer of the Icicle Works is one such singer. The trademarks of this approach are lots of gigs , concerts in the home , live lps and every now and then a self promoted lp of new stuff , all built around an active web site. The downside is that unless you are signed up to update letters , new releases can pass you by

Ian has a new lp out that is too good for that to happen. Little Episodes is the best thing he has done ...we ll since the last one, actually I think this is the best set of songs for a while. Sometimes just him nnd a guitar , sometimes just his voice and a piano and sometimes a fuller sound.

You can hear samples of the songs here

You can buy the LP direct from Ian's website here and if you like any of his stuff then I'd heartily recommend you give this latest a go

Update - I've now llived with the lp for a couple of weeks and it just gets better and better and is up their with the best of both his solo work and the Icicle Works .... talking of which

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