Wednesday, 4 July 2012

This month I have mostly been buying... The Human League

One of the downsides of Don't You Want Me becoming ever present in any kind of 80s compilation , TV documentary, Wedding play list , retro Radio show , was it stopped me listening to Dare for literally years.

As I never had it on cd I bought the recent 30th anniversary version . It comes in a nice box, but the iconic sleeve  looses a little of its impact and confidence. You get the lp , some 12" mixes and the Fascination ep that was released in the States (missing is the Love and Dancing instrumental lp).

You get 2 discs, some nice postcards of all the single covers and a lyric booklet with a couple of pointless intro articles.

However that is not the point. I'd forgotten what a great pop lp this is , but from a time when pop was interesting and smart. For all the joyful dancing , there is also the slower songs that pack a punch , Seconds about the JFK assassination , The Judge Dredd inspired I am the Law and the loneliness of Darkness add as much as Sound of he Crown , Open Your Heart etc.

The 2 forgotten singles Mirror Man and Keep Feeling Fascination with its wonderful wonky out of tune synth riff show what a follow up could have been . Instead there were endless re writes , an ex Genesis producer and the stodgier Hysteria.

You can buy the special 2 disc edition here  

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