Saturday, 7 July 2012

This month I have mostly been buying ....The Heartbreaks

Bought by mistake after Phil in a comment recommended an lp by the Heartbreakers. This Lancashire band have just released their debut lp Funtimes. Edwyn Collins produced at least one of the tracks and at times the bands do have a more muscular Orange Juice sound. The singer has echoes of an early Elvis Costello. Ten tracks only 2 of which are over 4 minutes , the lp rattles along a good old pace. The lyrics are of lost love and at times their style remind me a tad of some of Morrissey's words.

I know I'm getting old when bands start to look like they are still at school!

Here are a couple of the singles

You buy Funtimes here and if you like the singles well the other 8 tracks are just as good


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