Monday, 16 July 2012

Welcome back JC - Middle of the Road Monday

They say you always have a soft spot for your first love and mine was for a bunch of hairy brummies led by a man with big shades and bigger hair who wished he was in the Beatles.

The first lp I bought was the double album Out of the Blue in glorious blue vinyl and with a free cut out make your own cardboard elo spaceship. I had all their lps from Face the Music through to 1981's Time but in all honesty by that point my eyes and ears were wandering to others mainly Bowie and his new romantic disciples.

Still they made some great songs.

Here are 2 from the time just before they went massive.

Living Thing - ELO

Telephone Line - ELO

Now I'm pretty sure he is not an ELO fan but JC over at Vinyl Villian and the main inspriation for this blog has been away for a while. I understand that today he is back posting so these 2 are for JC to welcome him back - not sure he will appreciate the songs but maybe the gesture


Leave a comment and let me know what you are listening to.