Thursday, 26 July 2012

World domination ....almost. KLF

There was a time when the KLF ruled the charts , 4 massive singles What Time is Love , 3 am Eternal , Last Train to Trancentral and finally Justified and Ancient all managed to combine big commercial sounds but with that slight subversive edge , leaving you feeling as if somehow the joke was all on us.

It all ended with extreme noise terror , machine guns and a dead sheep at the Brits.

However before all of that there was this great bit of pop , that despite sounding like a top notch Pet Shop Boys single flopped horribly.

It is one of those great lost singles

Kylie Said to Jason - KLF


  1. Agreed!
    I have a funny story to tell. One night in New York City, sometime betweend the end of 86 and the beginning of 1987, Jimmy Cauty and June Montana were hanging out at the Limelight Club VIP Room. Being the totally over the top Anglophile that I am, I knew eactly who they were and my opening line to Jimmy was "Where's Youth?" Jimmy told me that he had "fucked off back to London." We were drinking together most of the rest of the night and Jimmy started telling me about this new project he was involved in with Zodiac Mindwarp and some others. He was rambling on and on about how they couldnt come up with a band name, but that it was gonna be all about world domination through club music. He was talking all about samples and releasing stuff as bootlegs... Little did I know that I was being given a kernal of what would be the JAMMS/KLF manifesto. When the first JAMMS music came out I ate it up and graduated to KLF along with the rest of us.

  2. Great story Echo - have you read "The Manual" bill drummonds and jimmy caultys guide to making a number 1 single?

  3. Yes, and in true KFoundation style I got it as a pdf file on the inteweb

  4. I hear the Radio Scotland documentary on the KLF recently.
    Can only assume this post was also inspired by this.
    The White Room was a great album, I have NOT however read the book, is it worth a read?

  5. It is a while since i read it and i've nasty feeling it may have dated but along with Bill Drummonds 45 it is worth getting a copy if you can


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