Friday, 10 August 2012

Back Soon

I'm off on holiday with a trip  round californiyiaaaa. 2 weeks in a big ozone destroying car , 4 of us in various dodgy motel rooms, 3 nights in Yosemite tent and ending up for a week in a beach villa in La Jolla.
3 weeks of steak and eggs for breakfast, sunshine and smiles, wondering where my posh english accent has suddenly come from (it always happens when I go to the states for some reason), trying to dodge the adverts ans religious stations on the car radio, long stright roads , giant beds and all the other "only in america" stuff.

 My sister and her family is using the house whilst we are away so god knows what we'll come back to!

Normally when I'm away I have posts lined up but for some reason this time I've not got my act together and I am going to try and avoid all things internet  So to celebrate my trip here are a bunch of californians

Long December - Counting Crows

The break will give me and you if you want to play along in thinking of my top 125 lps

The rules I've set myself are as follows

Only 1 lp per artist (although someone can have an entry for their band and as a solo singer) so some favourites will face the chop ...Steve McQueen or Jordan?

No greatest hits so all those singles bands I like Squeeze , The Cure etc. wont make the cut

No live lps (are these any good ever ...really??!)

No soundtracks so my strange Evita / Jesus Christ Superstar / oliver fix will be missing

Got to be all round good - one or two great tracks don't a great lp make - so no for example Visage


Leave a comment and let me know what you are listening to.