Friday, 3 August 2012

Life of Live - Deacon Blue

I'd seen Deacon Blue 3 times before , once at the start , once at the height of their success and once on the reunion tour.

The fourth time was something special. AS is the fashion now they decided to play the whole of Raintown live (I'm guessing for some anniversary or something. The venue was small and full of people like me who knew Raintown off by heart.

They played the lp , had a short break and then came back and did greatest hits set. The highlight was definitely the Raintown section, with the songs fitting perfectly in the more intimate setting.

I've posted one of the lesser known tracks , one of the few not to mention rain or home in the lyric.

He Looks Like Spencer Tracy Now - Deacon Blue

... and you can read the article that inspired the song here


  1. Such a great song, my 2nd favorite DB song. Some may say the production on the album is too slick, but I think Jon Kelly aced it.
    You've got me listening to the album; not a clunker to be found. Loves Great Fears playing now, love Chris Rea's slide solo. Is it taboo to like CR's music? Virtually unknown over here...

  2. I totally 'complete' album, sound of a time for me; 1987; Di and I had just started 'walking out'. I think that our first gig together was Deacon Blue supporting The Bible at some dingy college in London. Loaded always puts a lump in my throat for some reason. I might have mentioned this before but I have a cassette with an early demo of 'Dignity' somewhere...
    Chris Rea lives close to us. Saw him in a local restaurant recently; you can tell that he's had a near death experience; not exactly glowing. He's still prolific though, more blues based, and painting his arse off too...

  3. Agree tim jon Kelly gets it spot on
    Same with you trev it is one of those complete lps and forever fixed in my first year in halls at Leeds poly

  4. I was at THAT gig, the grand opening of the Glasgow Carling Academy. Brilliant show and also the lead guitarist's last gig (Graeme Kelling RIP) , he played on Loaded, from memory.
    I posted that exact article on the a few years back, great article and makes the song more poignant.
    So glad to hear I'm not the only Deacon Blue sad person around.

  5. Hi David

    whats more there a new lp on the way!

  6. What's your take on the new album?
    Did you go see them live on this current tour?

  7. Hi david

    think the new lp is fantastic, easily one of the best of the year. makes me hope there isnt such a long wait next time


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