Thursday, 9 August 2012

Life of Live James x2

With Life of Live I am now at the 2 children stage of life which means concerts have fallen away to one or two a year, inculding my frinds form poly and my annual pilgrimage to see James.  Having made their comeback with  Hey Ma , they did something a bit different with their next releases.

2 mini lps were released about 6 months apart and recorded in different ways. For the Night Before , the band took the songs that had been written by core trio of Booth  , Glennie , Gott and added their instruments and interpretations in isolation, swapping sounds over the internet. With eventually a patchwork forming around the songs. The second saw all 7 playing together with songs eventually emerging from lengthy jams.

Neither are their best work (I seem to remember a couple of vicious reviews) but both contain some great songs.

They toured with both eps and again the concerts contrasted sharply.

The first was a return to the Royal Albert Hall and a pretty standard James set list. The second was a  smaller venue and featured only the singles that they didn't play the first time around. The set was for long term fans with lp track s, obscure b sides all getting a airing. I loved it , my wife hated it and felt a bit cheated.

I've posted 2 of Tim Booth's more autobiographical lyrics.

The first focuses on his school days and despite needing another verse and losing its way a bit it at the end  is a great song.

The second is even better despite the old school choir trick for the chorus. It is about Tim Booth's mother and one of the best songs they've done

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