Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Life of Live James

By this stage of Life of Live children had appeared and so concert going that had been in steady decline suddenly dropped off a cliff.  There was some light on the horizon as James reformed which meant my annual concert visit with friends from poly could begin again. The returning James was the 7 who had 
made Gold Mother , Seven and Laid. The lp they came back with was the immediately recognisable , big tunes and sing along choruses repeated 3 times, with the odd atmospheric slow one towards the end. It was a great return.

The concert was also fantastic. It started with a trumpet blast from the balcony and then the singer and guitarist walked through the audience to the stage singing a slowed down acoustic version of Sit Down.  New songs and old blended together perfectly. Although my memories may be coloured by the fact that I has spent the afternoon drinking in a pub. The concert also turned into a two kebab night (one before and one after) which gives an indication of the state I was in.

Anyway here is a marmite track from the Hey Ma lp . I love it but i can see how it would annoy the socks off some people

you can buy Hey Ma here

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