Wednesday, 8 August 2012


A while back  I got an email from Wally who was kind enough to say some nice things about the blog. He also mentioned that he had a record label (based out of Canada) and would I like to hear some stuff.

Anyway soon a package of cds arrived all brightly coloured sleeves, some slightly kitsch, some echoed earlier times but all pretty unique.

The music inside was a mixture of summery , breezy , jangly pop the kind of thing you would get if you combined a bit of the sound of Postcard , a bit of Sarah and a bit of Creation.

Wally describes it as a labour of love "we don't sell that many but give a lot away"

I think he is being a tad modest - go to the website here and see how  the Beautiful Music label is made up.

A lot of care and attention as well as love of the music has been clearly put into everything about the label.

You can listen to a free sampler from the label here and then better still take a punt on a cd or two

Here is one of my favourites

It Doesn't Really Matter - Skytone

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