Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Before they Were famous - Human League

Today's post is prompted by last week's life of live when I also remembered that Heaven 17 did a version of Being Boiled , that and the fact that I finally got round to buying Travelogue and Reproduction on cd.

Both lps are patchy and listening to them now you can see why they didn't take off Virgin had hoped or why Bowie's future of music comment seemed a little silly. However they also have some great tracks , Being Boiled is still the highlight but here is another that also reminds me how mad Phil Oakey's lyrics could be

Circus of Death - the Human League

The lps also threw up a couple of oddments that i didnt know about.

The first was that in between the 2 lps their first single for Virgin was recorded under the name the Men as the record company insist they tone down the synths. The result is a bit more discoy in sound , a bit like Life in Tokyo era Japan

I don't Depend on You - The Men / The Human League

When this too failed Virgin let the band go their own way with Travelogue

The second thing is that the band released a single in between the split with Ware and Craig - Marsh and the Dare era. The girls joined in time for the cover shoot but didn't feature on the single. It is a bit ropey but bought them a bit more time with Virgin

Boys and Girls - the Human League

as the cliche goes the rest is .....


  1. As a student I used to shuffle around The Limit dance floor with Oakley in search of young pretty nurses. They were not hard to find...
    Then he was up on stage searching for a note; apparently a bit more of a challenge for young Phil...

  2. did that turn into the Leadmill

    i had some friends lived in sheffield and when i visited we used to end up there seeing bands play and after there would be an "indie disco" - it too was full of nurses
    I love his voice in the same way of BSs in New Order and Neil Tennant. One of the evils of x factor is trying to remove the quirks from pop song vocals !!

  3. I think the quirk remover is known as 'auto tuner'.
    A bit like diet food; it removes all flavour...

  4. my other paet hate i "why use one note when 7 will do typw of singing , started by Whitney and picke dup by queen diva Maria

  5. See also: Michael Bolton: one haircut does not a singer make...


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