Saturday, 29 September 2012

Desert Island Discs 120 The Words We Say Before We Sleep by The Music Lovers

120 - The Things We Say Before We Sleep by The Music Lovers 2004

I first came across the Music Lovers when a track appeared on one of the now dearly departed Word magazine's monthly cds.

This is one of those occasions when the cover sets the mood. Looking like a record from the 50s the songs on the lp have a classic timeless feel, reminding me a bit of a lot of the Scottish bands I used to like in the mid 80s

Lots of brushed drums , subtle strings , stand up bass, strummed guitars and occasional trumpet, all with a lead vocal that has an ache in the voice suggests sharp suits and a smokey club somewhere.

A bit of bosa nova rhythm and a smidgen of the j word but all through a pop filter

Sunday - The Music Lovers

You can buy The Words we Say before we Sleep here

On a completely separate note I've just bought Mark Eitzel's new solo lp. In the past his solo stuff and the reformed American Music Club have been a bit hit and miss but this is a record of real warmth

you can buy it here


  1. Just ordered the new Eitzel album; I love his voice but his albums always somehow disappoint; I want him to sing to me; he always seems to be singing for himself; intense but strangely un-engaging. This one sounds like it's coming from a different place. I lifted this from Amazon:

    Mark Eitzel of American Music Club returns from his longest absence with his sixth solo album (as well as 9 albums with AMC), and it's his best solo work to date.
    Over the last three years Mark's life was thrown upside down. While working on demos to the new American Music Club album tragedy struck with Mark suffering a serious heart attack that forced him to bed rest for months where he re-evaluated his life. Mark decided the demos would work better as a solo project than an AMC album and abandoned the recordings. Then luck struck, a funder who had just won the lottery decided to lend Mark a hand by loaning him the money to record his album in a proper studio with an outside producer, real strings, real everything. The producer that brought Mark's vision was the brilliant Sheldon Gomberg (Rickie Lee Jones, Ron Sexsmith).
    'Don't Be A Stranger' is Mark's first properly produced solo album of new material since 'The Invisible Man' in 2001 (2008 Klamath being recorded by himself and not released in the US). Featuring the likes of Pete Thomas from the Attractions on drums, Vudi from American Music Club on guitar plus a full string section.

  2. After you introduced me to The Music Lovers I went out and got all 3 of their albums and it's different one that appears very soon on my list.
    At #120 for me is the 1984 debut from The Pale Fountains 'Pacific Street'.
    Tel Aviv

  3. Oh, and my 120 is Eg and Alice's '24 Years of Hunger'.
    A sweet, sad pop masterpiece... engaging and affecting; in fact it does everything (see above) that Mark hasn't (up 'til now...)
    You can currently buy it from Amazon for £45!
    Surely time for a remaster and re-release?

  4. Another band I don't know... Really enjoying this!

    I'm adding audio links to sample some of my Top 125 entries. I'm afraid I'll have some stuff not palatable to everyone's taste. Easier to copy/paste a sample than waste a lot of time searching, then find it crap...

    Latest update...

    # 125 - ENERGY ORCHARD - Energy Orchard (1990)
    # 124 - THEN JERICO - First (1987)
    # 123 - RASPBERRIES - Starting Over (1974)
    # 122 - REINDEER SECTION - Son Of Evil Reindeer (2002)
    # 121 - A FINE FRENZY - One Cell In The Sea (2007)
    # 120 - MARTIN STEPHENSON - Salutation Road (1990)

    # 119 - THE POEMS - Young America (2006)
    # 118 - SHACK - HMS Fable (1999)
    # 117 - The TRIFFIDS - Calenture (1987)
    # 116 - NEIL DIAMOND - Moods (1972)
    # 115 - JACKIE LEVEN - The Mystery Of Love Is Greater... (1994)

  5. Hi Trev - Mark Eitzels' voice on the noe wlp sounds the best it has for ages the wholl ething feels much warmer than recent stuff- whoever produced it did a sterling job - you've beaten me to the punch with eg and alice
    and Phil you've beaten me to the punch with pacidic street

    Hi Tim - thanks for this it helps me as I'm checking out everyones selections and spending a lot of money. I think we are going to have quite a bit of cross over with bands but different lps!


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