Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Desert Island Discs 122 - Giant by the Woodentops

122 - Giant by the Woodentops 1986

Nowadays indie music you could dance to or manic drumming, quirky and complex rhythms and acoustic strumming doesn't really raise much of an eyebrow.

However when this came out it genuinely felt a bit different.

This is one on the list (and there will be many) where it probably isn't one of he best 125 lps I own but it is certainly one of my favourites. I don't play it that often but when a track comes on shuffle , I cant help but smile and feel a strange twitching in my arms and legs.

The scene is set with the opening charge of Get it On ( including an organ sound that the Inspiral Carpets would make their own).  From then on it is a perfect pop rush , a bit scuffed round the edges and of an age maybe , but a rush just the same

The song titles lifted from classics - Get it On , Shout , Good Thing , Love Train show a great naivety in making those titles their own and a healthy disregard for pop history. Before I get too navel gazing and attributing deeper meaning than exists here is the opening track and flavour of their live performance

Get it On - Woodentops

the lp goes for silly money but you can get it as a download here for a more realistic price


  1. Great live video - I remember picking up the first few singles because of the connection to Zoo Records and the Food label and didn't like them at first but then they really grew on me - Give It Time reminds me a bit of The Jazz Butcher which I guess is not that strange as Rolo played with them in the early days, if my memory serves me well, which it doesn't always.

    Great start to the top 125 - I'll be checking back often.

  2. I agree, my top 125 are also not great albums in the music rag sense of the word but the nostalgia aspect make them great to me.
    Woodentops were a band I liked and I've a couple of singles back in the loft in England. Never bought an album though.Any good compilations out there you can recommend?
    My number 122 is Spearmint 'Paris in a bottle'
    Tel Aviv

  3. Hi Wally - good call with the jazz butcher , there is even a vocal similiarity

    Hi Phil - there was a japanese greatest hits but I thikn that is long gone the way of expensive ebay purchases. Better to down load the better trakcs - on the 2nd lp Stop thsi car and you make me feel are both brilliant for different reasons

    At last we are getting some cross over - different spearmint lp for me though


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